10 things only comic book fans know about the Ten Rings

After a false start Iron man 3, The Mandarin is finally coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this first appearance, Ben Kingsley played the Mandarin, but then revealed in the big twist that he was a fake, an actor hired to pretend to be a Mandarin for AIM Now, the real Mandarin arrives as the father of Shang-Chi.

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With Shang-Chi, it is the arrival of the ten rings. It is both a Mandarin-led organization, but it also means Mandarin’s weapon of choice. He wears them on his arms in the trailer, but in the comics they’re one of Marvel’s most powerful weapons. They also have a lot of accolades that could be quite different from the movie.

ten Origin Involved Crashed Spaceship

The Mandarin became a criminal after his mother died from a drug overdose and he killed his dealer. However, when the Communist Revolution began, the Mandarin fled as a fugitive and ended up hiding in the rubble of an alien space shift. Mandarin ended up finishing the alien in the ship and stealing ten small cylinders from the ship’s engine, and these ended up like the ten rings when Mandarin put them on his fingers.

9 Connection to Fin Fang Foom

Mandarin Fin Fang Foom Tony Leung

The alien Mandarin killed during the space transfer was Axonn-Karr, a Makluan explorer from the planet Maklu-4. The alien told Mandarin not to touch the cylinders but he ignores it and killed the alien before taking the rings for himself. The Makluan is a cosmic race that some refer to as the Space Dragons, and it was the same race that Fing Fang Foom was a member of. With Fing Fang Foom possibly appearing in Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, one wonders if the dragon will play a role with the iconic rings.

8 Fueled by the Spirits of Dead Alien Warriors

Each of the ten cylinders that became the Ten Rings was Makluan technology and each of them contained the soul of a legendary long-dead alien warrior. Each of the legendary alien warriors has limited AI. The AI ​​has always tried to get the wearer to find a way to give them sensitivity and bring them back to power. Mandarin eventually built powerful robots that could be the new ringships, but Iron Man ultimately stopped him.

7 Science Vs. magic

Mandarin vs Iron Man Marvel Comics

The biggest conflict with the Ten Rings was about the difference between Iron Man and the Mandarin. Tony Stark was a man of science who always ruled out magic. However, the Mandarin uses its rings as a form of magic, although alien technology is a form of magical science.

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This will not play out in Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings. In this film, it’s all about the Asian influence and removed the magic versus science that covered the Iron Man versus Mandarin battles.

6 Powers of the left hand rings

There are ten rings, one on each finger; each of the rings has different powers. The five rings of the left hand have the following powers: The ring of the left thumb allows the mandarin to manipulate electromagnetic energy. The ring of the left index finger shoots flames. The left ring finger amplifies the psionic energies of the Mandarin, including mental delusions and mental paralysis. The left middle finger projects electrical energy. The left little finger sprang from the cold and ice.

5 Powers of the Right Hand Rings

The five rings of the right hand are as follows. The right thumb ring allows the Mandarin to manipulate atomic and molecular matter, including the ability to turn air into poisonous gas. The right index finger generates explosions of force and sound beams. The right middle finger allows the Mandarin to create a vortex at high speed.

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The right ring finger has the decay ring. Finally, the right little finger has the Ring of Black Light, which allows the Mandarin to use Darkforce to create complete darkness.

4 Mandarin alone can summon ten rings

Mandarin Iron Man Comics

The Mandarin has used the rings for so long that the spirits of each of them have connected to his brain. The spirits made him believe that he needed to bring them back from the dead, and finally he tried. By this time, Mandarin had learned to use the rings in a masterful way and had compelled them to respond to his personal mental commands. Ultimately, only the Mandarin could control the rings, and no one else could use them. He could also summon them from long distances to come back to him.

3 Ten people took the rings after Mandarin died

Shang Chi Trailer Mandarin Ten Rings Throne

Several hosts ended up taking on the role of these extraterrestrial spirits. The most famous of them include Thor: The Dark World villainous Malekith the Cursed (Spectral) and Fantastic Four villainous Mole Man (Daimonic). Malekith wanted to find the other nine rings and take full power, but Iron Man was able to stop him. Eventually, Iron Man created a Master Ring which allowed him to collect all the other rings, to reclaim the power.

2 The rings can warp even the weakest minds

Ben Kingsley as the Mandarin in Iron Man 3

Due to the fact that the Ten Rings have the spirits of mighty alien warriors from the past fueling them, they are too much for normal people. The Mandarin wore them and was powerful enough to master the rings. However, even someone as powerful as the Mandarin ends up finding them influencing him to follow their influence. However, when a weak person wears the rings, it distorts the minds of everyone except the strongest people, as they are always trying to become sensitive.

1 Shang-Chi turns rings into bracelets

The mandarin and his ten rings

As mentioned, the Mandarin wears the Ten Rings on his fingers, small cylindrical devices found inside a spaceship. Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings clearly changed the shape of these rings. As the trailer shows, Mandarin wears the ten rings on his arms as bracelets and it looks like they combine to create powers for the Mandarin. It looks a lot different not having them as rings, especially if they don’t have separate unique powers. Marvel often turns things around when it brings comic book weapons to the big screen, and that could be a case of that.

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