ADCX: the entrance to the future DeFi world

Australian International Digital Currency Exchange

Cryptocurrency is now the newest and best digital asset class introduced into the global investment system, although it was initially conceived as a decentralized alternative to traditional and centralized financial systems.

Most people recognize cryptocurrency through the lens of Bitcoin, which was published as a white paper in 2009.

In the real world, investors are now looking for something more than Bitcoin as a value-driven coin. Looking at future market trends, it is normal to take into account other factors in order to best determine what the next booming crypto is, but the main focus is no longer on pricing as investors are now looking for features and a digital offering. motto. If a cryptocurrency is useful, it will overcome any obstacle and continue to grow and develop more and more.

Lately, many celebrities have started making big money by investing in cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Some of them are Elon Musk, Paris Hilton, Gwyneth Paltrow, Bill Gates, Floyd Mayweather, Kanye West and Mike Tyson.

ADCX : The entrance to the future DeFi world

The Decentralized Financial Sector (DeFi) exploded in popularity in 2020. The prospect of transforming cryptocurrency such as Ethereum into personal banking platforms quickly gained momentum. Even more dazzling was the promise to apply similar principles to the corporate world to allow companies to monetize things they never could.

In this context, decentralized exchanges (DEX) were a particularly bright point, as the facilitation of peer-to-peer trading by relying on automated smart contracts helped traders trade cryptocurrencies quickly and with minimal fees. .

Introduction to ADCX – Australian International Digital Currency Exchange

ADCX is an inter-chain asset exchange protocol based on the Ethereum network. It is mainly used in NFT asset mortgages and NFT cash mining. A DeFi financial system incorporating DeFi + DAO + NFT + Cross-chain technology has been designed to provide services such as issuance, trading of various assets and cash extraction (e.g. DeFi, NFT, trading strategies). token negotiation) via the ADCX protocol.

The ADCX team has acquired a digital currency exchange license from the Australian government. The team members, mainly from Australia, Canada and Japan, are innovators in the field of DeFi. The technical backbone is professional DApp developers, embracing technology, leveraging capital and community strength, aiming to transform ADCX into a comprehensive cross-chain financial platform, opening a new chapter in Challenge.

What is NFT

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token and it is the relative concept of Functional Token (FT). The biggest difference between the two is “single” and “divisible”, which makes NFT more flexible. It’s best suited for benchmarking assets in the real world – after all, the evolution of civilization has caused all things to have different descriptions. Even a mass-produced consumer good will have different production dates and inkjet codes.

In 2021, the rise of DeFi has pushed NFT to the forefront again. DeFi + NFT provides return education for the market and also allows many people to rethink the more valuable future of NFTs which are ‘one of a kind’ assets in the digital world and can be bought and sold like no other. any other element. property, but they do not have a tangible form of their own. In other words, it’s like owning an “original digital painting of Monsa Lisa,” a fact that prompts many art collectors to turn to NFTs.

DeFi + NFT Design Idea

ADCX believes that NFTs offer more broadcast possibilities for DeFi scenarios. When NFT needs an acceptance value, DeFi and NFT have a natural mixing attribute. The current dilemma for NFT is liquidity and value.

NFT’s liquidity requires agreements with financial product design to help it grow, DeFi can make NFT more valuable. For example, in ADCX ecology, users can get tokens in ADCX through mining such as key currencies locked.

NFT can unlock more potential with DeFi. Currently, most DeFi loan agreements require collateral. Use NFT as collateral. This means that NFTs representing artwork, digital land, or even tokenized goods can be used as collateral and then loaned to other assets.

ADCX Design Intent

Going forward, ADCX deployed on each blockchain platform will contain pools of funds designated by pair contracts traded in ADCX. Each pair contract consists of three elements:

  1. Order Book – stores non-negotiable limit order transactions

  2. CPMM model – constant product distributor that provides the liquidity of the pair contract;

  3. Equity Token – saves the interests of liquidity providers.

ADCX’s NFT project ecosystem will also be showcased in Q2 2021. Here are the highlights:

  1. Subchain transactions – we can improve the subchain transactions while implementing them;

  2. Cross-chain asset capabilities – we will use parachains on Polkadot (parallel chain) to reach agreement to increase the number of supported assets with cross-chain compatibility;

  3. a variety of unique types of asset transactions – including license trading strategy, decentralized NFT asset trading aggregation tool, income generation strategies, future financial strategies, etc.

Introduction to the ADCX fund

ADCX (Australian International Digital Currency Exchange) The fund was established in 2015 and was awarded the Australian Government Digital Currency Exchange in the same year (registration number: DEC100579157-001). It is the first venture capital firm in Australia to focus on investing in businesses related to blockchain technology.

Currently, the foundation has conducted research and investment in many areas of the blockchain industry, involving layer2, NFT, cryptocurrency derivatives trading, Polkadot ecology, etc. In the near future, the foundation will continue to pay attention to the ecological development of NFT, covering the areas of comprehensive trading platform, crypto art platform, fashionable game collection, games, virtual world, domain name, social networks, NFT + DeFi, project start-up platform, etc.

The foundation is managed by professionals. As a non-profit organization, it takes responsibility for investor education, risk alert, information disclosure, review of blockchain technology projects, staff training blockchain technology, identifying the qualifications of technical personnel and overseeing the use of capital. The foundation strongly believes that blockchain technology will play a bigger role in the future, bringing more transparency, greater efficiency and a safer environment to the global economy.

ADCX development plan

All ADCX contract codes will be reviewed by reputable agencies to ensure maximum security compliance. In addition to a solid design and a secure contract, a good user experience is also the key factor for the proper functioning of any DeFi project. In order to improve the user experience, the ADCX team strives to support the wallet, interaction design, token management and transaction services.

ADCX uses Layer 2 switches to improve DeFi liquidity and asset diversity. In addition, the Polkadot ecosystem offers future-proof flexibility and cross-chain asset support. We expect innovative financial products to be built (and seamlessly integrated) on this underlying ecosystem, thereby increasing liquidity and usage of ADCX.

In addition to supporting basic functionality, the ADCX team will closely monitor the progress in the DeFi area and support additional DeFi protocols in the ADCX wallet in due course. With the support of ADCX Wallet, the ADCX platform is committed to becoming the gateway to the future DeFi world.

ADCX will leverage blockchain to provide the perfect working ecosystem for fundraising strategies and digital asset trading.

The crypto industry is evolving at an incredible rate, and ADCX is one to watch for future developments. You can visit ADCX – Australian International Digital Currency Exchange at

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