Kabul residents see rising food prices, drug shortage – world

KABUL, September 26. / TASS /. The uncertainty and chaos of the first days after the Taliban [outlawed in Russia] the rise to power is gradually giving way to the new reality accepted by the inhabitants of Kabul, reports TASS. The problem of making money and being able to provide for oneself with basic necessities is at the fore, say city dwellers.

The streets of the Afghan capital can seem even quieter and safer than before. Much of the traffic is mainly generated by tax drivers and owners of small shuttles. Motorists, however, complain that they can hardly earn anything due to rising fuel prices. “Gasoline prices are galloping by 20% or 40% compared to the beginning of August; no stability, queues at retail sites do not allow planning and reliance on anything, ”they say.

The rise in food prices due to the importation of food largely from Iran and Pakistan and the decline of the national currency can only affect the mood of buyers and sellers. “The prices of flour have increased by 30%, vegetables by 50%; it is difficult to find certain cereals and many necessary pharmaceutical products, ”note the inhabitants of Kabul.

Restrictions on cash withdrawals from banks – no more than 20,000 afghanis or $ 200 per week – cause particular complications. International money transfers are limited.

“The question of survival is now in the foreground and the threat of misery is the main cause of despair,” added the inhabitants of Kabul.

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