Mark Madden’s Hot Take: Astros appearance makes TV a World Series staple

Don’t watch the World Series.

I will not do it. Not a single location.

The presence of the Houston Astros guarantees it.

There was a good chance I wasn’t watching, anyway. MLB stinks for many reasons, not least because efficiency has destroyed entertainment and deprived baseball of action and romance.

But Houston cheated, especially to win the 2017 World Series, and none of their players were punished. No suspension, no fine. They were granted immunity for telling what had happened. “Gee, Mr. Manson, if you confess, you and the family can be home at supper time.” ”

The franchise was fined $ 5 million. That’s toilet paper for an MLB team. Income earned from winning a World Series far exceeded $ 5 million.

The Astros also lost two first-round picks and two second-round picks. This could temporarily derail the Pittsburgh Pirates’ nonstop “plan”. But you’ll gladly give up what Houston did to win a ring. (They must also keep their rings and their trophy.)

The general manager and the director were made redundant. Big deal. Small potatoes. Sacrificial lambs. The players designed the whole scheme.

The Astros consistently stole signs, won because of it, and got away with it 100%.

Empty seats during the pandemic decreased the fan abuse they absorbed. They had every break.

The players never owned what they did. The worst thing about the aftermath is how players view themselves as victims who will prove enemies wrong.

In 1919, the Chicago White Sox launched the World Series. Eight players were banned for life.

In 2017, Houston cheated to win the World Series.

In 2021, many of the same players could win another World Series.

They should have to do it without witnesses. Don’t watch the World Series.

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