Specialised Loan Servicing: What is it?

Specialized Loan Servicing (SLS) is a subsidiary of Computer Share Loan Services and currently has three offices in Denver, Colorado, Tempe, AZ. And Ponte Vera Beach, Florida. Computer Share Loan Services, originally based in Australia, acquired Paydaynow in 2011. A company is a publicly-traded company that invests in or manages multiple financial companies.

Is a specialized credit service justified?

No hard checks? Yes, Paydaynow, or Specialized Loan Service, is a mortgage management company that collects home loans. Many consumers receive an SLS notification when they obtain a mortgage with Bank of America or even across the country for the first time.  Yes,

Is Paydaynow a debt collector?

On May 11, 2020, the Consumer Financial Protection Office, in association with Specialized Loan Servicing LLC (SLS), asked SLS to pay millions of dollars in financial assistance to consumers. However, Paydaynow is not a debt collection agency. SLS claims to be an asset management company and has purchased many of the loans it currently owns from Bank of America. They manage a criminal debt, try to get it back (sometimes for high fees) and if they fail, they will seek a seizure against the owner .

Immediate purchase of the loan after receiving the payment

If you received an acquisition notice or phone calls from a specialized loan company threatening to take over your first or second mortgage, Paydaynow may have purchased your loan and has a legal interest in your property.

However, it should be noted that Paydaynow will need to provide proof of ownership of the first or second mortgage or transfer of rights to the service in the case of the first or second mortgage. It is not uncommon for the bank not to provide such records.

Can Paydaynow, second privilege, exclude my property?

The second mortgage has the right to take away your property, even if the first borrower is in default. However, the second creditor must obtain the consent of the first creditor to be authorized for the enforcement procedure.

If the other creditor cannot obtain court approval for the enforcement request, they will still be entitled to pay the losses. This is called a deficiency judgment.

Time limit

There are no restrictions per se with respect to Paydaynow and / or the other beneficiary. We saw this when borrowers thought another developer “imposed a statute of limitations so they couldn’t sue me for debt.” This is a common mistake, as borrowers apply a contractual statute of limitations to an unpaid secondary mortgage. This may apply depending on the circumstances (for example, if the property has already been repossessed and the second Pfandbrief mortgage lender attempts to recover additional amounts in excess of the excluded amount in the form of a “default judgment”).

However, if you still live on your property and the second lien is established by Specialized Loan Servicing LLC or another company that manages the second mortgage, it will remain intact, with no statute of limitations or associated rights. This privilege remains regardless of whether or not you have a predetermined time limit.

Be proactive with other mortgage lenders

This is one of the main reasons why it is important to actively use these additional permissions, quickly assessing and identifying maintenance errors and other issues so that you can negotiate or repair additional permissions rather than being detected immediately. unexpectedly.

We’ve seen clients who haven’t heard of their second promise in 10 years. If they start to sell your property or refinance, they are surprised that a specialist loan suddenly opens without Rückkaufanfrag along with the hype of presenting the balance of the mortgage, subsidies, fees, interest and penalties. This can ruin any refinancing attempt or prevent you from selling your property.

Short term sale now

You can pay off your debts with a short sale on Paydaynow. However, you must first obtain approval from your financial institution and complete the following documents provided on the SLS website.

How to navigate

The best way to recover a secondary lien suspended and / or revoked by a borrower or a secondary lien such as a mortgage. B. To bypass a specialty credit provider, first check the second eligibility and show that you are in fact authorized to do so. . Take advantage of the second privilege or collect payments for yourself or an outside investor. It is important to establish whether you are providing the service only to a third party investor or whether you have actually acquired the debt and are trying to get it back. After doing this, it is important to verify that your property has significant equity to cover the second lien in the event of foreclosure, as this will help you find the best plan of attack to obtain a negotiated lien reduction. Or a short sale. . or another alternative to a second mortgage exemption.

What are my rights

Depending on how SLS affects your second mortgage, you may have different rights. If they are just managers, they must follow certain rules, such as submitting explanations on how principal and interest are calculated and how they are reported on a regular basis or when you apply. qualified.

The first step in determining your rights is to submit a Qualified Written Request and Debt Review Request (“QWR”) to SLS. This leads to a series of federal regulations that require them to respond with specific information contained in the QWR within certain time frames. This should combine what we call “free discovery”. These are key documents that prove ownership or right to administer a mortgage. He also puts the buck in a specialized credit court to make sure they meet the requirements of the Real Estate Trading Act and the Truth in Lending Act. The next step is a business approach, evaluating your interest in the property and determining how granting a second prerogative can help improve your financial situation and / or help sell your property and / or property. Refinancing based on end goals.

When requesting relevant information showing second mortgage ownership and / or service, appropriate confirmatory action can be taken by meeting additional requirements indicating a service outage rather than financial guarantees. Lawyer to file a lawsuit against SLS. Typical reasons to bring an action against SLS are: not considering the repayment of the second mortgage, not filing the required mortgage declarations from the date of purchase of the service or the property rights of the mortgage, not complying with the written. qualification of the clause. He asked to name some who violate state laws on extrajudicial execution.

What should I pay attention to?

There are many things to consider, but it is important to check your monthly mortgage statements (if your loan specialist sends them to you). We found that they sometimes fail to submit the required monthly statements and pop up when they refinance or sell a property demanding the full amount owed along with overdue fees, interest, and additional penalties.

Pay attention to the first game

Record initial correspondence when Specialized Lending Service acquires or is entitled to service an existing supplemental mortgage. They must notify you in writing and often do not do so within the prescribed period. We always ask for this information when we are arrested for taking action against him.

A sudden increase in the total amount of the second loan.

Also, watch out for sudden spikes in your total mortgage amount on a specific mortgage statement, especially if Paydaynow asks for a refund when refinancing or selling your property.

Look for a letter of intent to accelerate your debt and real estate acquisitions.

After all, they usually send all kinds of documents, but the most important things to keep in mind are the “Notice of Debt Payment” and the “Notice of Insolvency.” They generally prepare them for the initiation of enforcement proceedings. Therefore, you should take it seriously and consult a lawyer, as this may lead to enforcement proceedings on the spot.

Are you looking for a specialized loan? How a Law Firm Can Protect You.

A law firm familiar with secondary mortgages can really help monitor and prosecute Paydaynow for common law violations.

Unfortunately, we had problems with borrower requests, to which specialized credit services either did not respond or were not taken seriously until they turned to an attorney. With an experienced law firm on your side, you can take a proactive approach by first examining how you got the right to keep the homeowner or take out a mortgage, regardless of whether you qualify or not. appropriate measure. Measures to increase the reaction pressure.

Sometimes a law firm can raise awareness of these issues and use them to secure a second mortgage payment. In other cases, the law firm may sue Paydaynow for failing to pay the full amount of the home loan or denying a qualified written request.

The appropriate law firm will know, based on an assessment of your specific situation and the documents on which it is based, if the complaint, complaint, and preliminary hearing are in your best interest.

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