The prices of gasoline and diesel remain unchanged; check the latest fuel prices in cities on July 14

Fuel prices in India were flat on Wednesday July 14. Petrol prices in Delhi remained unchanged at Rs 101.19 per liter, while diesel prices remained at Rs 89.72. The price of petrol in Mumbai was Rs 107.20 per liter, while the price of diesel was Rs 97.29 per liter. In Chennai, a liter of gasoline costs Rs 102.01, while a liter of diesel costs Rs 94.24. The price of gasoline and diesel in Calcutta is Rs 101.35 per liter and Rs 92.81 per liter, respectively.

Since May 4, oil prices have increased seven times in the country, crossing Rs 100 in more than half of the country. States and cities have different fuel prices due to value added taxes, local charges, and freight. Oil marketing companies like Bharat Petroleum, Indian Oil, and Hindustan Petroleum manage gasoline and diesel prices, with new prices introduced every day at 6 a.m. 34 hours.

Gasoline Prices in Major Cities and States of India

New Delhi ₹ 101.19

Calcutta ₹ 101.35

Mumbai. 107.20

Chennai ₹ 102.01

Gurgaon ₹ 98.44

Noida ₹ 98.25

Bangalore .104.58

Bhubaneswar 102.01

Chandigarh 97.31

Hyderabad 105.15

Jaipur 108.21

Lucknow ₹ 98.29

Patna ₹ 103.58

Trivandrum ₹ 102.99

Diesel Prices in Major Cities and States of India

New Delhi ₹ 89.72

Calcutta ₹ 92.81

Mumbai 97.29

Chennai ₹ 94.33

Gurgaon 89.96

Noida ₹ 90.06

Bangalore 95.09

Bhubaneswar 97.78

Chandigarh 89.35

Hyderabad 97.78

Jaipur 99.01

Lucknow ₹ 90.11

Patna ₹ 95.35

Trivandrum ₹ 96.13

Here are the main influences on diesel prices in India

Cost of crude oil – The cost of crude oil is one of the main factors influencing the price of diesel in the world. Diesel prices are determined by demand, supply, and global economic conditions for crude oil.

Demand and supply of diesel fuel– The majority of vehicles in the country’s fleet run on gasoline. Diesel stocks may decline if gasoline supply is reduced due to refinery issues or lagged imports.

Tax rates– Diesel tax rates are determined by local government rules regarding the imposition of fuel taxes.

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