UK to host world summit with CEPI to accelerate new vaccine development

  • UK to host summit with Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) – a leading science coalition – to raise funds for vaccine research and development
  • The 2022 summit will support the UK and CEPI’s goal of reducing vaccine development time from two-thirds to 100 days, which could prevent future pandemics and save millions of lives.
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of Health join forces to urge international partners, including the G7 and the EU, to unite to strengthen global health security.

Plans to accelerate vaccine development to prevent future pandemics and save lives will be bolstered by a summit in the UK to mobilize investment from the international community.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab and Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced today (Friday, April 30) that the UK will host the Replenishment Summit in 2022 to support the work of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI).

CEPI is working to accelerate the development of vaccines against emerging infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, and to enable equitable access to these vaccines on a global scale.

CEPI’s five-year strategy, released last month, aims to reduce or even eliminate the future risk of pandemics and epidemics, potentially averting millions of deaths and billions of dollars in economic damage. CEPI’s ambitions include reducing vaccine development times to 100 days – about a third of the time it took the world to develop a COVID-19 vaccine. The Prime Minister supported this goal ahead of the G7 leaders’ meeting in February.

This is supported by the UK government’s New Pandemic Preparedness Partnership (PPP) to save lives from future disease and prevent another pandemic. The PPP was formed in April and will advise the UK Presidency of the G7 on how to meet the Prime Minister’s ambition to reduce the development and deployment time of high-quality vaccines, backed by additional funding to support the work. of CEPI on global vaccine development and manufacturing innovations.

Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said:

British scientists and researchers have carried out pioneering work to create life-saving vaccines, which are now being rolled out in the UK and around the world.

But at the end of the day, we need to prepare for future pandemics. As we noted in the Comprehensive Review, we must all work together to address this global challenge.

CEPI’s work will help build a safer world for all of us.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said:

Global health is at the heart of Britain’s G7 Presidency. No one is safe until we are all safe and last week there were more global cases of COVID-19 than at any time during the pandemic. We must all work together to strengthen health security.

The UK’s leadership in developing a vaccine that can be used around the world has been essential in the fight against COVID-19. We look forward to working with CEPI to accelerate vaccine development and create a global solution to ensure we are better prepared for future pandemics.

CEPI CEO Dr Richard Hatchett said:

The UK government, through its foresight, leadership and generous financial support, has enabled CEPI and the world to accelerate the development of safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines. All of my CEPI colleagues and I are therefore honored and deeply grateful that the UK government has announced today that it will host our replenishment process.

We will certainly face many challenges as we strive to end the pandemic on a global scale, and we cannot allow emerging variants or other new challenges to threaten or hinder valuable progress. that we have accomplished. But even as we struggle with the challenges that lie ahead, we also need to think about the long game and lay the groundwork for a more secure future.

Now is the time to capitalize on the rare alignment of political will, practical experience, and technical and scientific advancements emerging from COVID-19 to prevent such devastation from happening again. CEPI presented an ambitious plan that aims to significantly reduce or eliminate the risk of future pandemics and the UK has embraced the central pillar of this plan – the aspiration to reduce vaccine development times to as little as 100 days – as part of its G7. agenda.

The UK has extraordinary human and institutional resources and an incredible record of scientific achievement and innovation. We are very proud to partner with them to start building a better, safer and more equitable future.

The announcement comes ahead of the G7 Foreign and Development Ministers meeting in the UK on May 3-5, where global health will be on the agenda. As part of Britain’s G7 presidency this year, the government is working with G7 leaders and countries around the world to ensure lessons are learned from the COVID-19 pandemic in order to build back better. It means working collaboratively to strengthen collective defenses and build a global health system, which means the world can be better protected against future pandemics.

The UK has led the international response to the COVID-19 pandemic, using its diplomatic clout and development expertise to help develop and distribute vaccines, support the global economy and encourage international collaboration. It is one of the largest donors to COVAX AMC, providing £ 548million for the program. COVAX has so far shipped more than 49 million COVID-19 vaccines to 120 countries and territories. CEPI played a key role in the formation of COVAX and co-leads the initiative alongside the World Health Organization, Gavi and Unicef.

Earlier this year, the UK also secured a UN Security Council resolution, sponsored by 112 countries, for ceasefires in conflict zones to allow the delivery of vaccines to some of the most vulnerable people in the world.

To help them in their mission to end future pandemics, the government has already provided £ 276million to CEPI since 2018.

As the recent integrated review indicated, the UK is committed to addressing global challenges, including helping the world defeat COVID-19 by accelerating equitable access to vaccines, therapies and diagnostics in the world, while also investing in the latest science and technology.


  • The date of the CEPI replenishment summit will be announced in due course.
  • To date, the UK has pledged up to £ 1.3bn in UK aid to end the coronavirus pandemic as quickly as possible.
  • This funding includes: up to £ 829 million for the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, treatments and tests, £ 312.3 million to support the global health response and build resilience in vulnerable countries, including support to UK charities and international organizations and £ 150 million for economic response, to the International Monetary Fund for disaster control and relief.
  • CEPI’s $ 3.5 billion investment case is available at
  • CEPI is an innovative partnership between public, private, philanthropic and civil organizations, launched in Davos in 2017, to develop vaccines against future epidemics.
  • The founders and early investors of CEPI are the governments of Norway, Germany, Japan, India, the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Wellcome. A complete list of CEPI funders is available here.
  • Prior to COVID-19, CEPI’s work focused on developing vaccines against Ebola virus, Lassa virus, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, Nipah virus, Valley fever virus. Rift and Chikungunya virus – it has over 20 candidate vaccines against these pathogens in development. CEPI has also invested in new platform technologies for the rapid development of vaccines against unknown pathogens (disease X).
  • CEPI has launched several programs to develop vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 and its variants with an emphasis on speed, scale and access. These programs take advantage of rapid response platforms developed by CEPI partners before the emergence of COVID-19 as well as new collaborations. The goal is to advance the clinical development of a diverse portfolio of safe and effective COVID-19 candidates and to enable equitable allocation to these vaccines worldwide through COVAX.
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