URBN announces a partnership with FABSCRAP to fight against commercial textile waste Nasdaq: URBN

PHILADELPHIA, April 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Urban Outfitters, Inc. (NASDAQ: URBN), a leading global lifestyle retailer, today announced a partnership with FABSCRAP to help the organization reduce the impact of the fashion industry on the planet. URBN will facilitate FABSCRAP’s expansion in the mid-Atlantic region by providing a new physical FABSCRAP location in Philadelphia and a working capital grant.

URBN’s relationship with FABSCRAP began in 2019 as part of the company’s efforts to reduce waste in its supply chain. Every year, over 6.3 million tonnes of textiles are wasted during the design and production process make clothes (A new textile economy: rethinking the future of fashion, Ellen McArthur Foundation). URBN started working with FABSCRAP to recycle waste fabrics from their knitting, sampling and pattern making rooms.

Based in New York City, FABSCRAP is a non-profit organization that has developed a system for the reuse and recycling of textile waste. FABSCRAP is dedicated to tackling the problem of commercial textile waste in the fashion industry, by diverting as much unused material as possible from landfill or incineration, while simultaneously creating an accessible material resource for consumers. creative communities.

“We are delighted to partner with FABSCRAP as the next step in our sustainability journey,” said Frank J. Conforti, Co-President and COO, URBN. “Philadelphia is a great place to grow because of the local demand for services and the many relationships with design and art universities and nonprofit organizations in the area. We believe this expansion will facilitate an infrastructure solution for FABSCRAP and our community, ”Mr. Conforti concluded.

“It’s fantastic that URBN is supporting the fabric recycling and reuse infrastructure that FABSCRAP is building. This infrastructure is a key part of a more sustainable future for fashion, ”said Jessica Schreiber, CEO of FABSCRAP. “We are leading the change in the way the industry treats fabric waste during the design process, although our work relies on the companies and individuals in the industry who recognize the problem and actively seek a solution. URBN actively contributes to our growth, increasing the accessibility of our services and accelerating our impact, ”concluded Ms. Schreiber.

For more information on the URBN x FABSCRAP partnership, please visit URBN Making an Impact. For more information on FABSCRAP and its mission as a textile reuse and recycling resource, please visit www.fabscrap.org.

Urban Outfitters Inc. (URBN) is a leading lifestyle products and services company operating a portfolio of global consumer brands including the brands Anthropologie, BHLDN, ​​Free People, FP Movement, Terrain, Urban Outfitters , Nuuly and Menus & Venues. The company’s brands offer general merchandise and lifestyle-oriented consumer products in 644 stores across the United States, Canada and Europe, on global websites and catalogs. Free People, FP Movement, and Urban Outfitters wholesale their products in department and specialty stores around the world, digital businesses, and the company’s retail sector.

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