Veronica Roth to Release Celebratory Editions of the “Divergent” Series

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Author and former Veronica Roth wrote the internationally bestselling novel “Divergent” during her senior year winter break at NU. It is now celebrating its 10th anniversary by reissuing the series as a special edition.

Communications rookie Lucy Basile was amazed to discover that Veronica Roth (Weinberg ’10), author of the internationally successful series “Divergent,” wrote the first book during her senior winter break at Northwestern.

“It must have been a moment of bravery,” said Basile. “It is absolutely foolish to think that a student was able to write books that I cried about.”

Roth will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the series by releasing special editions of the trilogy and a collection of short stories featuring renowned covers, personal essays, a question-and-answer section, deleted scenes, and short stories with the same characters.

After Roth wrote “Divergent,” HarperCollins Publishers offered her a three-pound contract and she sold the rights to the highly profitable film shortly thereafter – all before crossing the stage at Ryan Field in her cap and hat. dress.

Roth shared the news of the anniversary and special editions with his fans in his monthly newsletter before making another one. ad on Instagram.

“There has been a lot of special Divergent content spread over a few versions of these books over the past ten years,” Roth said in the post. “My mission with these editions was to get as many as possible in one place. It also doesn’t hurt to see the series with new covers.

Basil remembered reading the series in college. She said she loved reading dystopian young adult novels like “The Hunger Games” and “The Maze Runner,” but rated “Divergent” as her favorite in the genre.

Although it’s been 10 years, Basil has praised the books for painting a “spooky” version of a dystopian Chicago that is “eerily similar” to the contemporary world. She pointed out that genetic engineering in novels has gained popularity in the 21st century, used to control mosquito-bearing diseases and genetically modified crops.

“It’s interesting to look at dystopian books that were written some time ago, because it’s like looking at the visions that people in those days had for the future,” Basil said. “It’s good to compare the current situation in the company and how some of the issues they reported have evolved for better or for worse.”

Weinberg’s freshman Dylan Jost, who also read the series in college, remembers eagerly awaiting the release of each book.

Jost read “Allegiant,” the last book in the series, on the night of its release, all in one sitting. He recalled how he and his friends whispered about the end of the series between classes, trying not to spoil the finale for those who hadn’t read it yet.

“We have to talk about it in a bit of a secretive way, like when you see an ‘Avengers’ movie before everyone else and whisper spoilers to those who have seen it before,” Jost said. “You don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but you want to talk about it anyway.”

Since graduating from NU, Roth has published a total of seven best-selling young adult novels and recently released his first adult novel, “The electedWhich will soon be adapted to the screen.

Jost said Roth’s rapid rise in popularity over the past decade was indicative of his skills as a writer. While not all NU alumni have the same postgraduate story to tell, he said Roth’s journey is indicative of NU’s ability to prepare alumni for success in all kinds of fields.

“Her story really shows that the students here are very capable, very smart and knowledgeable at what they do,” Jost said. “Everyone here is prepared and ready for success, whatever shape it takes.”

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