WATCH: State Department estimates 6,600 US citizens live in Ukraine

Last fall, the US State Department estimated that approximately 6,600 US citizens lived in Ukraine. He also put the number of American tourists and short-term visitors at around 16,000.

Watch Price’s remarks in the player above.

“While we estimated at the time that there could be 16,000 tourists and visitors, our best estimate is that that number is much, much lower now,” the State Department spokesperson said. Ned Price.

“We don’t think that number reflects exactly where we are right now,” he said.

Price said that although the State Department has suggested that Americans in Ukraine “strongly consider” leaving the country, he says it could be a difficult decision for many.

“Many of these people are likely to have dual US-Ukrainian citizenship, which I consider Ukraine to be home to many,” he said.

Price also said the heated debate between the United States and Russia over Ukraine at the UN Security Council was “important.”

“We thought it was important that they do it in this venue, and with this level of exposure, so the world can hear it and the Russian Federation can hear it,” he said. he declares.

Russia on Monday accused the West of “stirring up tensions” over Ukraine and said the United States had brought “pure Nazis” to power in Kiev.

US Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield countered that the growing Russian military force of more than 100,000 soldiers along Ukraine’s borders was “the biggest mobilization” in Europe in decades, adding that there had been an upsurge in cyberattacks and Russian disinformation.

It was the first public session where all the protagonists of the Ukrainian crisis spoke publicly, even if the most powerful body of the UN did nothing.

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